Hollar if you hear me!


Hey! I know you love a good deal…I mean if we are friends I am pretty sure you love a good deal too. That’s why I know you’ll love Hollar. It’s an awesome site filled with tons of stuff—from baby stuff, to pets, toys to fashion—starting at just $2 (honestly some stuff is even cheaper than 2 bucks). Everything’s 50-90% off, too! It’s like an amazing glorified dollar store, without the clutter a dusty aisles!Thank me later 👊. Use this link to save $2 off your first order. Their shipping is cheap and fairly quick I have ordered 3x from them. Their huggies wipes are way cheaper than what I pay at the store here in Cali even when I have a coupon….which you all know is always! 

Let me know how you like it. It’s not a subscription service so you use it when you want. They have an app available on iTunes and Google Play which makes it easy to search for your must haves.

See you on the flip side.





Ok I am love, love, loving the Ailihen Model M10 headphones I got from www.ailihen.com! From the minute I opened the package I was impressed. The box contained a small zipper container to store your new earbuds in 😍 which is great if you are like me and always have a bazillion things in your bag, it allows for a tangle free experience. 

Next thing I noticed was that the container has a small mesh compartment, this is perfect for storing a key in while at the gym (maybe for your locker?)! The package also includes 2 other sets of different sized ear bud pieces (because some people have small ear holes and some have huge ones!) as well as a clip to attach to the cords so they stay close to your shirt (perfect for runners who don’t want them bouncing around). 

I used them today for a couple of conference calls I had for work and I was impressed with the sound quality and the fact that I didn’t have to have the mic piece super close to my mouth for the people on the other end to hear me clearly, they also helped to drown out the sound of Peppa Pig that was playing on my TV while the Moo was hanging out 😃.

If you entered my giveaway last week then keep your eyes on your mail!

If you want to snag a pair pick them up HERE on AMAZON

See you on the flip side!

-Xoxo Izzy

Free Wired Metal Earbuds!


Ok peeps! I am giving away 100 free pairs of ear buds courtesy of our friends over at Ailihen! Perfect for keeping in your gym bag, purse, or backpack for on the go music needs in a pinch! In order to enter this give away you will need to do the following: head over to http://www.instagram.com/izzythetrainer and follow me @izzythetrainer, comment on my giveaway post and tag 3 friends then head over to my blog http://www.izzythetrainer.wordpress.com comment on any one of the blog posts, follow my blog and then finally email me your contact info (Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Email Address, Facebook/instagram/blog/or your Youtube link) for your prize to be delivered izzythetrainer@gmail.com! Open to US residents only.

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#TBT Zumba Playlist


Happy #TBT! In case you missed it. Check out my blog post HERE from a while back on the NASM blog about my experience attending the Zumba ZIN Convention last summer! There is also a hip shaking playlist to go along with it :). With summer fast approaching what are you bumping in your headphones during your workouts in and out of the gym? Comment below 🙂

See you on the flip side!

-xoxo Izzy


Free 3 month Daily Burn membership


Runnnnnnnnnnnnnn to this LINK to scoop up your free 3 month membership to Daily Burn. #IFITSFREEITSFORME What is Daily Burn? It is an at home workout program that promises to deliver “over 700 workouts to find the exact one you want to do. Filter by time, equipment, trainer, difficulty and more.” This is great for people who can’t or don’t have the time or means to get to the gym. “Stream Daily Burn on your laptop, desktop, mobile device, TV and more. Find us on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop or desktop.” so you really have no excuse to get your stuff done! They normally only give you a free 30 day trial so 90 days is LEGIT! You will order your free membership through Groupon. I am sure when it is time to redeem you will be asked to put in your credit card information. Make sure to set a reminder in your phone a couple days before the 90 days is up to cancel if you don’t wish to continue or it will most likely autobill your card.

Happy sweating!

See you on the flip side!

-xoxo Izzy

daily burn 2.png

DIY Izzy Squeeze Pouches!


Ok so all of these news reports with recalls of Apple sauce and baby food pouches have got me like 😷🤢😲! I don’t use the pouches a ton but the are great for when you are in the car or travelling through the airport. They are also super quick and easy to make yourself. If you are like me you want to know what is going into that belly of your little one. Here is my recupe for quick and easy Izzy Squeeze Pouches! 

Makes 3-4oz pouches

Here is what you will need:

1-banana medium

1-6oz yogurt any flavor I used Yoplai Strawberry

1-small yellow mango

3-reusable squeeze pouches (I bought mine from Dollarama in Canada but you can get my faves from here on Amazon!

1-blender or food processor

1. Chop up your fruits into small pieces and toss them plus the yogurt into the blender or food processor. (For a thinner more liquid puree which is better for smaller babies add some more water, yogurt or a milk)

2. Pour the blender mix into your squeeze pouches.

3. Serve right away or store in the fridge for no more than 3 days. (These can be frozen also! Just thaw in a bowl of warm water when you are ready to use)

When you are travelling in the airport the frozen option is the best! Go to Starbucks and ask for a large cup of hot water to thaw after you go through security.

I know some of my gym friends love to eat these as a pre-workout or quick snack on the go so the macros are listed below as well 😃.

The flavor combos are endless! What kinds of DIY things do you do for your kiddos? Comment below.

See you on the flip side!