#TBT Zumba Playlist


Happy #TBT! In case you missed it. Check out my blog post HERE from a while back on the NASM blog about my experience attending the Zumba ZIN Convention last summer! There is also a hip shaking playlist to go along with it :). With summer fast approaching what are you bumping in your headphones during your workouts in and out of the gym? Comment below 🙂

See you on the flip side!

-xoxo Izzy



Feeling Loved!


It is so good to know that you are not “out of sight out of mind” The hardest thing about being sick has been not being able to teach classes . Today I found myself feeling sorry for myself, frustrated and fed up with my current health condition when I went to my mailbox and was delighted with 3 cards from my chandler group exer’s that literally brought a huge smile to my face and tears to my eyes! It’s so good to feel loved and missed! What some people may not realize is Group Ex is a family! We sweat, grunt, burn calories and torture ourselves together! After almost 6 weeks of doing nothing but painful tests and waiting around, tomorrow I will finally see the surgeon to book a surgery date so I can get back to rockin out with all my fav’s! Wednesday is my bday and I definately won’t be par-taking in any fun 28th bday festivities but I will however postpone my celebration until after I am allowed to eat regular food! It WILL be a Bday FEAST! Image #groupex #zumba #bodypump #fitness#instructorlife #achalasia #achalasiaproblems#ijustwannaworkout #eatsleeptrain #loved #honored#happyheart #luvthosegirls #bodycombat #fitspo