“Stop slacking, start tracking”


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2 weeks later


Had my follow up with the surgeon today Dr. Perry! Got the tape taken off, most of  my stitches have dissolved on my incisions which are nice and scabby! If all goes well and the scars don’t keloid then they should be barely visible. My friend Mandy suggested using a silicone based scar strip once the scabs come off found those in the store today. My doc said I can now eat soft foods (scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, pasta with a lot of sauce or cheese, flaky fish and ground meats). I’ve been told to stay away from sharp or hard foods (chips, crackers, pork chops and steak, stringy meats, rusty or hard breads) for another 4 weeks or so which should be fine considering I didn’t  really eat those things b4 I got sick anyways. I got to take a look at the b4 and after pics of my esophagus….and it was really bad. The esophagus walls were so thick that there were visible bulges in the muscle. Dr. Perry said he cut off quite a bit (3 inches around!) and now it’s nice and smooth. I had already noticed a difference when I was allowed full liquids after my surgery at how much better it was to swallow and have the liquid go down like it should without choking or having it just sit in my esophagus!  I had my first real meal tonight! image image Penne pasta with a red sauce and ground sirloin! It was awesome to eat something I could chew, but I was full after 7-8 bites lol gonna have to get re-used to this. I am finally starting to pick my weight back up. Managed to gain 5lbs in the last 2 weeks (although i think most of that is water retention and being bloated from the full liquid food and my meds)! What a difference it makes when ur food and drinks can finally go down like they are supposed to. I am looking forward to my stomach bloating to go away and to get back to working out! 4 more weeks to go! Every day I feel so blessed to have loving supportive people in my life! Saturday I’m going for my first meal out with some of my awesome friends! Olive Garden here we come! Although I have to be very conscious of taking small bites and eating slow I am just happy to be able to eat! But first things first, black Friday (should I say black Thursday) this week and I will be at Walmart on the hunt for a TV! Anybody else hitting up the sales! While I am there I will be hoping that their scar remedies go on sale! Most of the legit ones are like $20!!!! Gonna definitely look for some coupons! Check out how my body is progressing so far stomach has changed from looking pregnant to now just looking fat as far as my my war wounds go I have 5 incisions and 1 hole where the drain tube was (drain tube was BY FAR the GROSSEST thing about this whole experience….yes even worse than the catheter!!!!). image image image image See ya on the flip side. Xoxo image