Free 3 month Daily Burn membership


Runnnnnnnnnnnnnn to this LINK to scoop up your free 3 month membership to Daily Burn. #IFITSFREEITSFORME What is Daily Burn? It is an at home workout program that promises to deliver “over 700 workouts to find the exact one you want to do. Filter by time, equipment, trainer, difficulty and more.” This is great for people who can’t or don’t have the time or means to get to the gym. “Stream Daily Burn on your laptop, desktop, mobile device, TV and more. Find us on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop or desktop.” so you really have no excuse to get your stuff done! They normally only give you a free 30 day trial so 90 days is LEGIT! You will order your free membership through Groupon. I am sure when it is time to redeem you will be asked to put in your credit card information. Make sure to set a reminder in your phone a couple days before the 90 days is up to cancel if you don’t wish to continue or it will most likely autobill your card.

Happy sweating!

See you on the flip side!

-xoxo Izzy

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Coupon Alert! Sprouts 10% Off


Whats up peeps! Its been a while since I’ve posted but I have a sweeeeet coupon alert for you. While shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market a few weeks ago and using a bunch of coupons at checkout the store associate let me know about a wicked coupon deal! On the back of your receipt EVERY TIME you shop at sprouts there is a link to a survey! The survey literally takes 2 mins to complete and they give you a 10% off coupon to use the next time you shop…essentially meaning you can get 10% off every time you shop there :). Since the Sprouts here in AZ has the freshest produce and usually the best priced produce you KNOW I will be cranking that coupon! The best part about it is you can use this 10% off coupon in conjunction with any other manufacturer coupons you may have…double the savings double the fun!!!


Happy couponing!

See ya on the flip side! xoxo