After months and months…….and months of anticipation it finally arrived! The ANBC Arizona Natural Physique Competition, and it was awesome! I feel sooooooo blessed to have such amazing supportive friends and family in my life which all helped to make my journey to the stage epic! After overcoming a diagnosis of Achalasia last fall while training to do my first show (more about that here) my goal was to gain weight(about 15lbs) in order to compete (bigger shoulders,wider back, and build a booty!)The show went great!!! Although my tan did start to turn green in the evening during finals (i think its the HULK in me trying to come out). I walked away with 4 trophies!!! That’s right 4! More importantly I set a goal and crushed it which is what I love to do…and I had fun (and looked good) doing it :). I also met a ton of cool new people at the show mostly everyone backstage was super friendly…the others were just mean mugging…. Big shout out to my trainer/hubby Donald, my nutrition coach Scott Keppel, and my posing coach Kelli Michelle for helping me look my best on show day! Another big shout out to everyone who came out to the show to support and all of you who have been supporting me from a distance!!!The feedback I got from the judges was that I have “really great glutes”(they better be great I’ve been on operation build a booty for 8 months and eating non stop to get those #gains!!!!) but I was borderline “too muscular for bikini…specifically my quads” (or i like to refer to them quadzilla) which I already had concerns about going into the show. Which was good feedback since that is something that can be fixed (the quad thing…I don’t have plans on softening up all over….just not for me)! I think I pretty much have competition fever now and I recently met with Donald and Scott to figure out what’s next. Since I don’t really want to get bigger and compete in figure I will keep working towards doing my 2nd Bikini show (I am pro card hungry)! So there it is! #izzytakesthestageround2 to come later this year! Until then I will be back posting my non stop gym selfies. For those of you who are #achalasiasurvivors like me I hope that my journey has been  an example that even though we are stricken with this disease which has no cure, and no known cause, there is nothing that we can not do! Like the Under Armour commercial says “I WILL WHAT I WANT”! Since I am on vacation I will keep this post short and sweet! Remember folks eat food, lift heavy and live life to the fullest!!!

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I’m back baby!


image Today was my first day working out since Sept 28th when I first got sick! Man oh man did it feel good to be back! I started with a 5.14km (3.2miles) run on the treadmill n finished in 26mins and some change (not my best time but it has been over 3 months since I last did anything to sweat) then I hit the free weights to work chest, biceps and triceps :-)! I’m pretty sure I had a huge smile on my face from start to finish and I have never been so happy to get sweaty! We sre on vacation on Winnfield, LA (a tiny dot on the map between shreveport and baton rouge) for Christmas but that didn’t stop my hubby and I from finding time to hit the gym. Its an amazing feeling to be doing something you love with the one you love! I plan on hitting the gym here for the next 4 days that we are here. Big shout out to Sherri from All Hour Fitness here in Winnfield for setting us up with guest access to use the gym while we are in town!! Thank you to all of you who have been following me on this crazy health journey. I love each and every one of you and am thankful for your support, kind words, and most of all your prayers. See ya on the flip side xoxo.

Under Pressure


Big ups to all my ladies who are currently pregnant, or have been in the past. It is now day 9 since I had my surgery (laparoscopic hellery myotomy with dorfundoplication) and I still feel a lot of pressure in my stomach. I am not sure which is worse the pressure feeling, the fact that I feel like I look 4mths pregnant or the tight feeling that all the pressure is causing. It kinda feels like if you were to poke me with pin it would just explode lol! Due to this feeling I have found it extremely hard to stand up straight which is causing me to have a lot  of PAIN in my mid back (specifically in my latissimus dorsi, erector spinae, and serratus posterior). image To be honest I think the back pain has been far worse than the pain of my stomach. All of this has got me thinking “preggo’s how do they do it?”. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be carrying a baby in there! This has gotten me looking at pregnant women and mothers who have gone through pregnancy a totally different way. Big shout out to all that have done it while staying active and fit and especially those who have gone through it while teaching group fitness classes (if you weren’t already,  I’m pretty sure you are now all my hero’s!). I am thankful that due to the fact I am not pregnant while going through this I am able to take the liquid pain medicine I have been prescribed when needed. I have also been using heat and biofreeeze gel on my back and since I can’t lie down on my stomach a professional massage is out of the question. But I am willing to try anything else to help with the pain.  Leave a comment below with what types of natural remedies you use for pain :-)! See ya on the flip side. Xoxo