DIY Izzy Squeeze Pouches!


Ok so all of these news reports with recalls of Apple sauce and baby food pouches have got me like 😷🤢😲! I don’t use the pouches a ton but the are great for when you are in the car or travelling through the airport. They are also super quick and easy to make yourself. If you are like me you want to know what is going into that belly of your little one. Here is my recupe for quick and easy Izzy Squeeze Pouches! 

Makes 3-4oz pouches

Here is what you will need:

1-banana medium

1-6oz yogurt any flavor I used Yoplai Strawberry

1-small yellow mango

3-reusable squeeze pouches (I bought mine from Dollarama in Canada but you can get my faves from here on Amazon!

1-blender or food processor

1. Chop up your fruits into small pieces and toss them plus the yogurt into the blender or food processor. (For a thinner more liquid puree which is better for smaller babies add some more water, yogurt or a milk)

2. Pour the blender mix into your squeeze pouches.

3. Serve right away or store in the fridge for no more than 3 days. (These can be frozen also! Just thaw in a bowl of warm water when you are ready to use)

When you are travelling in the airport the frozen option is the best! Go to Starbucks and ask for a large cup of hot water to thaw after you go through security.

I know some of my gym friends love to eat these as a pre-workout or quick snack on the go so the macros are listed below as well 😃.

The flavor combos are endless! What kinds of DIY things do you do for your kiddos? Comment below.

See you on the flip side!



Izzy’s Easy Bake Egg Cakes


I tried out a new recipe I decided to whip up today! Let me tell youuuuuu, these are yummmmmmy 😄😄😄! I had Moo try them out and she loved them so you even have the toddler seal of approval✔👊! For those of you like myself who keep an eye on your macro count these are super macro friendly, easy to make, and you can keep them in the fridge or freeze them and microwave them later! Below is the step by step to what you need to make these yummy breakfast bites:

4 large eggs (whole egg including the yolk)

4 large egg whites

2 slices of turkey bacon (I used Jennie-O)

1/4 cup of Mexican shredded cheese (I used Kroger brand)

1 tsp of minced garlic (I used spice world brand)

1 oz of spinach

1 tbsp of chopped onion (I used yellow)

1/2 cup red bell pepper

Muffin or cupcake pan to hold 12 muffins

Cupcake liners (this way you avoid using cooking spray or oil)

1) Pre heat your oven to 350°F. 

2) In a 2-4 cup measuring cup whisk your eggs and add in your shredded cheese.

3) Chop up your veggies and bacon nice and fine and sauteed them in a pan for 5mins or until the peppers are nice and soft.

4) Toss the sauteed veggie and bacon mix into the measuring cup with your eggs and whisk them together.

5) Add your cupcake liners to your pan and pour the egg mixture in filling each cup 2/3 full. 

6) Bake 15 mins or until the tips are firm or you can insert a toothpick and it comes out clean.

7) Let them cool on the counter and then enjoy! 

Store them in the fridge or freeze and microwave when your ready to eat!

Do you have any macro friendly recipes that are worth sharing? Comment below!

See you on the flip side!


“Stop slacking, start tracking”


If you have been wanting to hear more about macro tracking aka flex eating aka flex dieting, and how it can help you with your fitness goal, head over to my YouTube page to watch the latest video from the Q & A session on IG Live on April 4th. For more information about how to get started with macro coaching shoot me an email at

Broken not Destroyed


This time last year I was in a hospital bed recovering from my Heller Myotomy surgery to treat #Achalasia. What a year it has been! In the past 365 days I have gained a new lease on life, a new job, new friends, and stronger bonds with my old friends and loved ones, and took home some hardware in my first fitness competition and became an official ragebabe for Rage in the Cage!
I know everything happens for a reason, and to be honest I don’t know too many people that could have endured the shenanigans I had to deal with and survived it like a boss #justsaying, but I am happy that my story has helped reach those who were suffering alone. I am thankful I can eat food like a normal person (even though I still get full super quick) but conscious of the fact that since there is no cure I will always have Achalasia. My scars have faded but are still there to remind me of the struggle that I and many have to face. I am hopeful that with the daily advances in modern medicine one day we will have the knowledge of what causes this rare disease and ultimately cure it 👊. Until then I will continue to be an advocate and hopefully a source of info for those looking for answers.

See ya on the flip side xoxo.



I’m baaaaaaack!


image Wooohooooo so excited to be back teaching! Today was my first class back since Sept 28th todays theme was fan pride so I rocked my throwback GSU soccer t-shirt! I am so happy and excited to be back doing what I love the most! It was awesome to see some of my regular members back in class today and I hope to see everyone throughout the week. I’m teaching more classes this week so if ur free get ur butt to one: Monday 5:30pm BODYCOMBAT 24 HOUR FITNESS MESA DOBSON (neon glow theme) Tuesday 5:30pm BODYPUMP 24 HOUR FITNESS MESA DOBSON  (blackout theme) Wednesday 9am BODYCOMBAT 24 HOUR FITNESS CHANDLER (super hero theme) Wednesday 5:30pm Bootcamp 24 HOUR FITNESS MESA DOBSON  (super hero theme) Saturday 10am BODYCOMBAT 24 HOUR FITNESS MESA DOBSON! Jan 11-15th is fitfest so guests are FREE!! If you wanna come let me know and I will get you hooked up! Today was a good day! Even my scars are getting better they have flattened out and have faded a lot. image Fingers crossed they will go away all together! Now its Sunday so I gotta get back to clipping coupons and drinking this stuff so  my throat will stop feeling like sickness is coming on!! See ya on the flip side xoxo

I’m back baby!


image Today was my first day working out since Sept 28th when I first got sick! Man oh man did it feel good to be back! I started with a 5.14km (3.2miles) run on the treadmill n finished in 26mins and some change (not my best time but it has been over 3 months since I last did anything to sweat) then I hit the free weights to work chest, biceps and triceps :-)! I’m pretty sure I had a huge smile on my face from start to finish and I have never been so happy to get sweaty! We sre on vacation on Winnfield, LA (a tiny dot on the map between shreveport and baton rouge) for Christmas but that didn’t stop my hubby and I from finding time to hit the gym. Its an amazing feeling to be doing something you love with the one you love! I plan on hitting the gym here for the next 4 days that we are here. Big shout out to Sherri from All Hour Fitness here in Winnfield for setting us up with guest access to use the gym while we are in town!! Thank you to all of you who have been following me on this crazy health journey. I love each and every one of you and am thankful for your support, kind words, and most of all your prayers. See ya on the flip side xoxo.

Louisiana Bound!


Woooohoooo Christmas vacation has arrived! We made it safely to our Christmas destination of Winnfield Louisiana, however the same can not be said for Foxy’s airline carrier bag. This happpened while on our first flight of the day!

She was super quiet the whole time but I heard her digging at the bag and saw it moving around and that’s when I saw it…a little black nose coming thru the bag! Not only did she have the audacity to destroy the bag but she also tried numerous times during the 2 hour flight to escape from it!! Needless to say my little nugget loves to be bundled up but not in a crate, kennel, or carrier.

We arrived in Alexandria where we were greeted by my mother and sister in law as well as 3 of our nephews (feeling loved 🙂). After that we were off to Quitman to surprise our niece Jessica who’s bday it was.  Today was def an awesome day spent with family and my face literally hurts from laughing so much! And more good news my diet has been upgraded and I no longer have any food restrictions (just need to make sure to chew stuff realllllllly good) and then the better news came…….IM ALLOWED TO WORKOUT AGAIN!!!!! Finally it has been over 3 months since I have done any type of exercise! I will be back teaching classes as of January 1st! In the meantime I plan on using this 8 day vaycay as a way to ease back into beastmode! I’m so pumped but I know these 4 things for sure:
1) it will hurt (2 days after my first workout ill prob be in agony)
2) it will be hard (I am always up for a challenge #takethatachalasia)
3) I will most likely barf during my first workout (it has been 12 weeks! Its like starting from scratch)
I will be sure to keep you  guys posted on my progress! So excited to see what amazing things this trip brings! Xoxo see you on the flip side.