#TBT Zumba Playlist


Happy #TBT! In case you missed it. Check out my blog post HERE from a while back on the NASM blog about my experience attending the Zumba ZIN Convention last summer! There is also a hip shaking playlist to go along with it :). With summer fast approaching what are you bumping in your headphones during your workouts in and out of the gym? Comment below 🙂

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Free Protein


#ifitsfreeitsforme! Head over to this SITE to pick up your free sample of Spiru-tein Protein. It’s gluten free and vegan protein. Let me know what you think of the taste. The macro info is in the pic below 🙂

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Izzy’s Easy Bake Egg Cakes


I tried out a new recipe I decided to whip up today! Let me tell youuuuuu, these are yummmmmmy 😄😄😄! I had Moo try them out and she loved them so you even have the toddler seal of approval✔👊! For those of you like myself who keep an eye on your macro count these are super macro friendly, easy to make, and you can keep them in the fridge or freeze them and microwave them later! Below is the step by step to what you need to make these yummy breakfast bites:

4 large eggs (whole egg including the yolk)

4 large egg whites

2 slices of turkey bacon (I used Jennie-O)

1/4 cup of Mexican shredded cheese (I used Kroger brand)

1 tsp of minced garlic (I used spice world brand)

1 oz of spinach

1 tbsp of chopped onion (I used yellow)

1/2 cup red bell pepper

Muffin or cupcake pan to hold 12 muffins

Cupcake liners (this way you avoid using cooking spray or oil)

1) Pre heat your oven to 350°F. 

2) In a 2-4 cup measuring cup whisk your eggs and add in your shredded cheese.

3) Chop up your veggies and bacon nice and fine and sauteed them in a pan for 5mins or until the peppers are nice and soft.

4) Toss the sauteed veggie and bacon mix into the measuring cup with your eggs and whisk them together.

5) Add your cupcake liners to your pan and pour the egg mixture in filling each cup 2/3 full. 

6) Bake 15 mins or until the tips are firm or you can insert a toothpick and it comes out clean.

7) Let them cool on the counter and then enjoy! 

Store them in the fridge or freeze and microwave when your ready to eat!

Do you have any macro friendly recipes that are worth sharing? Comment below!

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“Stop slacking, start tracking”


If you have been wanting to hear more about macro tracking aka flex eating aka flex dieting, and how it can help you with your fitness goal, head over to my YouTube page to watch the latest video from the Q & A session on IG Live on April 4th. For more information about how to get started with macro coaching shoot me an email at izzythetrainer@gmail.com

Broken not Destroyed


This time last year I was in a hospital bed recovering from my Heller Myotomy surgery to treat #Achalasia. What a year it has been! In the past 365 days I have gained a new lease on life, a new job, new friends, and stronger bonds with my old friends and loved ones, and took home some hardware in my first fitness competition and became an official ragebabe for Rage in the Cage!
I know everything happens for a reason, and to be honest I don’t know too many people that could have endured the shenanigans I had to deal with and survived it like a boss #justsaying, but I am happy that my story has helped reach those who were suffering alone. I am thankful I can eat food like a normal person (even though I still get full super quick) but conscious of the fact that since there is no cure I will always have Achalasia. My scars have faded but are still there to remind me of the struggle that I and many have to face. I am hopeful that with the daily advances in modern medicine one day we will have the knowledge of what causes this rare disease and ultimately cure it 👊. Until then I will continue to be an advocate and hopefully a source of info for those looking for answers.

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After months and months…….and months of anticipation it finally arrived! The ANBC Arizona Natural Physique Competition, and it was awesome! I feel sooooooo blessed to have such amazing supportive friends and family in my life which all helped to make my journey to the stage epic! After overcoming a diagnosis of Achalasia last fall while training to do my first show (more about that here) my goal was to gain weight(about 15lbs) in order to compete (bigger shoulders,wider back, and build a booty!)The show went great!!! Although my tan did start to turn green in the evening during finals (i think its the HULK in me trying to come out). I walked away with 4 trophies!!! That’s right 4! More importantly I set a goal and crushed it which is what I love to do…and I had fun (and looked good) doing it :). I also met a ton of cool new people at the show mostly everyone backstage was super friendly…the others were just mean mugging…. Big shout out to my trainer/hubby Donald, my nutrition coach Scott Keppel, and my posing coach Kelli Michelle for helping me look my best on show day! Another big shout out to everyone who came out to the show to support and all of you who have been supporting me from a distance!!!The feedback I got from the judges was that I have “really great glutes”(they better be great I’ve been on operation build a booty for 8 months and eating non stop to get those #gains!!!!) but I was borderline “too muscular for bikini…specifically my quads” (or i like to refer to them quadzilla) which I already had concerns about going into the show. Which was good feedback since that is something that can be fixed (the quad thing…I don’t have plans on softening up all over….just not for me)! I think I pretty much have competition fever now and I recently met with Donald and Scott to figure out what’s next. Since I don’t really want to get bigger and compete in figure I will keep working towards doing my 2nd Bikini show (I am pro card hungry)! So there it is! #izzytakesthestageround2 to come later this year! Until then I will be back posting my non stop gym selfies. For those of you who are #achalasiasurvivors like me I hope that my journey has been  an example that even though we are stricken with this disease which has no cure, and no known cause, there is nothing that we can not do! Like the Under Armour commercial says “I WILL WHAT I WANT”! Since I am on vacation I will keep this post short and sweet! Remember folks eat food, lift heavy and live life to the fullest!!!

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Check out the link for the article below. I too am often asked if I Crossfit (some people say because I have a “crossfit body”, which I definitely don’t but thats a whole other post in itself)…my answer hell no! I tried it a few times and the first time I went I ended up being injured for 2 weeks! The “coach” assigned to me for the workout (since I was a newbie) I later found out wasn’t certified…in fact she had failed her certification 2 times already. Her instructions were little to none in fact she wasbunable to properly demo the movements herself!!! The owner of the gym (a major douche) came over and rudely asked me how many pushups and pullups I was doing each round, when I replied 10 he YELLED AT ME “YOU CAN’T DO 10, THATS 100!!!!!!!!” after telling him I didnt know how many to do since it was my first time he laughed and said sarcastically “pfff, not 10!” When I asked him “how many, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,?!?!” He walked away and didn’t even reply…wow how welcoming. I have been an athlete my ENTIRE life, I have had some of the most OUTRAGEOUS coaches, I have a super thick skin, and I can hang with the best of them, but this guy was just straight disrespectful. Considering he had the body of a 1990’s Al Bundy, and looked like he hadn’t done a “kip up”, a “lap around the parking lot” or an “overhead squat” in about 78 years. I decided to cut my reps down to 5 per round but the damage was already done and the next day I couldn’t straighten my arm without excruciating pain. Me who is a fitness professional, a former college athlete, and someone who exercises an average of 10 hours per week…injured at crossfit (I can only imagine what happens to deconditioned folks). I was forced to get subs for some of my classes and to teach those I was unable to find subs for with one arm(ever seen Zumba with only one arm…its not pretty and everyone starts doing what your doing). Do I think all crossfit places are as much as a disaster gongshow as the one I went to on Tempe? No, the friend I went to that “box” with that day evwn explained to me that her “box” wasn’t like that and would never treat people let alone guests that way (lets be real shouldn’t they be trying to make peeps feel welcome so they will sign up and pay $200 a month for a membership there?!?!), but it was too late my mind was made up, I went to crossfit another few times at a place a friend who I kbow to be very knowledgeable opened up but I would only go on days I knew the WOD” would be leg focused. In general I do not think this “sport” is something scientifically backed and safe for the general population. Read the article “Why I Don’t Crossfit” here.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Mine is backed by personal experience and scientific research! Happy Tuesday!
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