Hollar if you hear me!


Hey! I know you love a good deal…I mean if we are friends I am pretty sure you love a good deal too. That’s why I know you’ll love Hollar. It’s an awesome site filled with tons of stuff—from baby stuff, to pets, toys to fashion—starting at just $2 (honestly some stuff is even cheaper than 2 bucks). Everything’s 50-90% off, too! It’s like an amazing glorified dollar store, without the clutter a dusty aisles!Thank me later 👊. Use this link to save $2 off your first order. Their shipping is cheap and fairly quick I have ordered 3x from them. Their huggies wipes are way cheaper than what I pay at the store here in Cali even when I have a coupon….which you all know is always! 

Let me know how you like it. It’s not a subscription service so you use it when you want. They have an app available on iTunes and Google Play which makes it easy to search for your must haves.

See you on the flip side.



Pet food coupon alert!


I ♡ Purina! Once again petco has put out 2 awesome pet  food coupons click the link to print em out.  You can only use one per visit so it’ll take you longer to stock up. ..but “if it’s free its for me” these can be used on any Purina brand dog or cat food! And remember most pet image stores will accept compeitor coupons so shop it up! Happy couponing :-):-)! See you on the flip side xoxo Free purina dog or cat food

I love coupons!


3 bags of dog food 2 cans of cat food for $0.87

I am a couponer! I am not an extreme couponer (mainly because I am just too lazy to plan it out that much) but none the less I am a couponer. So how do I do it? Sundays I buy the newspaper which is one of the best places to get coupons! I normally buy it from the Dollar Tree because they are only a buck there! Other places normally charge $2 for the Sunday paper so you’re already saving!  I also load all the coupons for items I am likely to buy to my store loyalty cards on Sunday’s (safeway and frys)that way I don’t even have to remember I have them, they just get redeemed at checkout.  I check the stores weekly ad to see if they have deals for items I have coupons for. Since my stores rarely double my coupons I look for the greatest discount on the smallest quantity my coupons will allow and voila savings! Today I hit up Petsmart with my coupons for dog and cat food! I noticed that one variation of the Beneful dog food was on at the end of the aisle on clearance (just because the store will no longer carry that sku) so instead of being $6.40 per bag b4 my coupon they were $5.27 and I had coupons for $5.00 off each bag so boom  they ended up being $0.27 each!! I bought all 3 of the bags they had left in the store (in coupon lingo its called clearing the shelf) along with another 2 cans of cat food and my total after taxes was $0.87!!! I like that price! (Although I never carry cash so I paid with my debit card lol) In the middle of my visit I was delighted to find out from the sales associate that she had been working the day I got my big haul of cat food and dog food for $0.11 and told me “I inspired her to start couponing”! She started couponing herself and was super pumped to tell me about the steal of a deal she got on bodywash that the store actually had to pay her to take home on her first coupon adventure!!! I love hearing stuff like that. Today’s take away for me was definitely that you never know who may be inspired by something you do, and everything has a butterfly effect! Always be kind, courteous and bring your A-game no matter what because you never know ehos watching! Who knows maybe one day I will see that newly converted coupon diva on an episode of extreme couponing!! And check this out i have got great news for anyone who wants to learn how to coupon this site is giving away FREE downloads to readers of my blog, the E-book version of “The Art of Couponing” so make sure to check it out! http://freebies.myfreedeals.com/the-art-of-couponing/ You know what my friend Dale always says if its free it’s for me!! See ya on the flip side xoxo!

Great week!


I had such an awesome week this week meeting up with and catching up with great friends! Tuesday I got to catch up with Audrey at starbucks 🙂 (even though it was just me telling her about my near death experience with achalasia). It was so good to see her! Can’t wait to hear all about her south american honeymoon adventure next time we meet up!  Wednesday I met up with another 2 of my fav peeps Mandy and Mikey for sushi at Teharu in Tempe! (Yay for soft solids!) The sushi was bomb even though I was full after only a few  pieces! The conversations were better than the food! Love catching up with people especially when they have so much amazing stuff going on! Friday I got to see another one of my fav peeps Kiley! I can def say time flies when you’re having fun! I spent 2.5 hours at Starbucks with Kiley and it felt like It flew by! With all of our cracking up, my black friday re-enactments and knocking my latte all over the table and all over my jeans,  my cheeks ended up hurting from so much laughing! We even had a quick cameo appearance by Melissa Keppel! After leaving Starbucks I headed over to Petsmart for some “extreme couponing”! It was definitely extreme! I spent a whopping 11cents and I got 24 cans of wet cat food and a 3.5lb bag of beneful dog food.  I added today’s haul with the other 10 bags of dog food and 8 cans of cat food I had been collecting to total 11 bags of food and 32 cans of cat food to donate to a local pet rescue Povertys Pets which focuses on homeless pets! Check them out on Facebook!!!

I met up with another one of my amazing friends Lindsay (who is quite possibly THE CUTEST little prego ever!) And headed downtown for the donation drop! It felt so good to drop off all that food knowing it was going to help a lot of pets! After the food drop we headed to the outlets for some shopping, and finally finished up at a store in Ahwatukee called Kid to Kid!  This store had so much baby stuff I was overwhelmed!  But its amazing prices quickly had me realize that when I have kids I WILL be getting all their stuff from places like that! Almost everything in there was pretty much brand new! (And they take coupons) ! Lindsay and I manuevered her new baby swing (I’m pretty sure that’s what its called) into my backseat like a jigsaw puzzle and headed home! It’s days like today that I am reminded just how amazing the people I surround myself with are! I am glad to have friends that are thebomb.com and can have you laughing ur butt off at drop of a hat. Good friends, good times, happy hearts! See ya on the flip xoxo.

“Rest day” 79


image Today marks day 79 since I have worked out :-(! The statement in the picture above could not BE more true! You really don’t realize how much time yous spend working out and how much you ADORE it until you are forced not to do It for 3 months! Although I am super happy to be on the mend I tried to “yog” (what I call walk jog) a few feet to escape the cold today while walking my dog and my stomach (mostly all my incisions) started hurting! Super frustrating couldn’t have been more than 5 feet 😦 ! But in every struggle there is always some positives. Today I’m thankful that despite not being able to work out and feeling “fluffy” all the time the bloating of my stomach has decreased a lot. Soft solids are way more fun than full liquids…and they are actually going down unlike before my surgery when often times water and protein shakes were too thick n would make me choke and or throw up! I no longer have to take pain meds since I am no longer in pain 24/7. Thanks to the recommendation from my friend Mandy, these silicone scar strips are allowing my scars to heal rapidly!  Pre surgery image Day after surgery image Few days post op image image Now if the middle incision that looks like a gunshot wound would flatten out and not look so hollow that’d be awesome! Today-4 weeks post op image image image image image Things I am looking forward to in a few weeks 1. Super sweaty cardio sessions in the gym! 2. Getting back to teaching classes with all my beasts! 3.Training for my first show! 4. Getting back to ripping ish up at races this spring! Thanks to every one who has followed me along on this crazy mystery diagnosis journey! Your support is what keeps me  so positive during these last few months of shenanigans! This last pic is me showing my friend lindsay the scar strips I’ve been using and her dog fiona deciding that they looked like a good place to rest her head! Dog’s make everything better 🙂 image   See ya on the flip side! Xoxo