I’m back baby!


image Today was my first day working out since Sept 28th when I first got sick! Man oh man did it feel good to be back! I started with a 5.14km (3.2miles) run on the treadmill n finished in 26mins and some change (not my best time but it has been over 3 months since I last did anything to sweat) then I hit the free weights to work chest, biceps and triceps :-)! I’m pretty sure I had a huge smile on my face from start to finish and I have never been so happy to get sweaty! We sre on vacation on Winnfield, LA (a tiny dot on the map between shreveport and baton rouge) for Christmas but that didn’t stop my hubby and I from finding time to hit the gym. Its an amazing feeling to be doing something you love with the one you love! I plan on hitting the gym here for the next 4 days that we are here. Big shout out to Sherri from All Hour Fitness here in Winnfield for setting us up with guest access to use the gym while we are in town!! Thank you to all of you who have been following me on this crazy health journey. I love each and every one of you and am thankful for your support, kind words, and most of all your prayers. See ya on the flip side xoxo.


Louisiana Bound!


Woooohoooo Christmas vacation has arrived! We made it safely to our Christmas destination of Winnfield Louisiana, however the same can not be said for Foxy’s airline carrier bag. This happpened while on our first flight of the day!

She was super quiet the whole time but I heard her digging at the bag and saw it moving around and that’s when I saw it…a little black nose coming thru the bag! Not only did she have the audacity to destroy the bag but she also tried numerous times during the 2 hour flight to escape from it!! Needless to say my little nugget loves to be bundled up but not in a crate, kennel, or carrier.

We arrived in Alexandria where we were greeted by my mother and sister in law as well as 3 of our nephews (feeling loved 🙂). After that we were off to Quitman to surprise our niece Jessica who’s bday it was.  Today was def an awesome day spent with family and my face literally hurts from laughing so much! And more good news my diet has been upgraded and I no longer have any food restrictions (just need to make sure to chew stuff realllllllly good) and then the better news came…….IM ALLOWED TO WORKOUT AGAIN!!!!! Finally it has been over 3 months since I have done any type of exercise! I will be back teaching classes as of January 1st! In the meantime I plan on using this 8 day vaycay as a way to ease back into beastmode! I’m so pumped but I know these 4 things for sure:
1) it will hurt (2 days after my first workout ill prob be in agony)
2) it will be hard (I am always up for a challenge #takethatachalasia)
3) I will most likely barf during my first workout (it has been 12 weeks! Its like starting from scratch)
I will be sure to keep you  guys posted on my progress! So excited to see what amazing things this trip brings! Xoxo see you on the flip side.

5 days post op!


What an eventful weekend it was this week! Yesterday I attended the most amazing baby shower for my good friend Lindsay! It was unlike anything I have ever seen! Her mom and sister in law hosted the shindig and it was definitely thebomb.com! Equipped with a ton of awesome prizes, amazing food (all that I was unable to eat :-() and a wait staff it looked and felt like something you would see on a celeb reality show! I was so happy to be at an event celebrating the new life my friend and her BF have created and will be bringing into this world soon. Although I was bummed about not being able to eat or partake in the open bar (which was awesomely stocked) I made the best of it having a virgin mimosa and taking foods I knew could be puree’d in my food processor later! You would be surprised by the things that look the grossest blended usually end up tasting the best! I took home some green chili quiche, and a chicken and mushroom creamy creation meant to be put on a tortilla. I blended them together when I got home and OMG sooooooo delish! I have to get that recipe! Karma was in my favor though! Since I couldn’t eat I was able to completely sweep the games we played and ended up winning 3 of the 5-6 prizes at the shower (you know me…if its free it’s for me!).  I got a ride to the shower with my other friend Rebecca since I can’t drive on pain meds, and we left around the time the gifts were being open cuz my back was hurting from hunching over from my stomach feeling so tight and it was time for my next round of meds and to pick up my fur baby. Before we left Lindsay let me know foxy had broken her nail the day before while running around like the speed demon she is! Since she had done it before I figured it was no biggie. I think the last time it happened I was much more traumatized than foxy was (who knew so much blood could come from a broken nail) we scooped up foxy and Rebecca dropped us home. We were home for a bit when I noticed my little doogin(it’s a word my sis and i made up describing cute dogs) starting to limp and lick her paw (it was her dewclaw nail that she broke) so I figured I would take her to get a pawdicure and get that nail cut. We got to Petsmart and I told the groomers what was up and they let me know they aren’t allowed to cut the broken nail so since Foxy also sees the vet in Petsmart (Banfield Pet Hospital Dr. Lim) I decided to just pop over there and have them do it all. The receptionist looked at it and said the vet would have to take a look at it. While we waited for the amazing Dr. Lim Foxy wasn’t really acting like herself (she normally runs around the room and jumps on and off the bench) Dr.Lim looked at the nail and found that it was broken up to the base and twisted and it needed to be removed :-(. I started to panic cuz she said they would have to sedate her and remove It, give pain meds, antibiotics and the whole works. They came back with a quote of $218 even with my banfield discount and I told them I just couldn’t afford it. After talking with them we were able to work out a way to just freeze the paw and remove the nail so that Foxy could be fixed and I would be able to afford the treatment. I was relieved especially after just having paid an arm and a leg for my surgery I was a little strapped having to pay for another procedure for my poor baby who was in pain. The whole thing only took about 30mins and she was was all done. She seemed happy with her new bandage until we got home and she had to put on THE CONE OF SHAME! My hubby came  home to both his girls bandaged, mangled, and drowsy from pain meds lol. Deep down I think Foxy just wanted to be like her mom but the lesson I learned was make sure to keep her nails trimmed down n manicured! We are both recovering nicely and returning to the vet for a follow up tomorrow. If you are looking for a vet I would def recommend the Banfield Pet Hospital we have used them since 2011 when we rescued Foxy from the streets of Baton Rouge (seriously we found her as a 13week old stray roaming the streets) and have used the locations in Phoenix as well as Baton Rouge. All of the staff I have encountered at both locations have been super helpful, knowledgeable,  and really care about both myself and Foxy. It is rare in this day and age that people are willing you make things work so it turns out for the best strictly because they truly care. Today I am grateful for them at Banfield, as well as good friends who are always willing to dogsit my baby or help me out when I need them too. They say you can’t choose your family but I think that’s untrue cuz in my life I choose friends who in my eyes  are family! Love you guys! Its Sunday so I am off to load my coupons to my cards. Xoxo see you on the flip side!