Hollar if you hear me!


Hey! I know you love a good deal…I mean if we are friends I am pretty sure you love a good deal too. That’s why I know you’ll love Hollar. It’s an awesome site filled with tons of stuff—from baby stuff, to pets, toys to fashion—starting at just $2 (honestly some stuff is even cheaper than 2 bucks). Everything’s 50-90% off, too! It’s like an amazing glorified dollar store, without the clutter a dusty aisles!Thank me later 👊. Use this link to save $2 off your first order. Their shipping is cheap and fairly quick I have ordered 3x from them. Their huggies wipes are way cheaper than what I pay at the store here in Cali even when I have a coupon….which you all know is always! 

Let me know how you like it. It’s not a subscription service so you use it when you want. They have an app available on iTunes and Google Play which makes it easy to search for your must haves.

See you on the flip side.



DIY Izzy Squeeze Pouches!


Ok so all of these news reports with recalls of Apple sauce and baby food pouches have got me like 😷🤢😲! I don’t use the pouches a ton but the are great for when you are in the car or travelling through the airport. They are also super quick and easy to make yourself. If you are like me you want to know what is going into that belly of your little one. Here is my recupe for quick and easy Izzy Squeeze Pouches! 

Makes 3-4oz pouches

Here is what you will need:

1-banana medium

1-6oz yogurt any flavor I used Yoplai Strawberry

1-small yellow mango

3-reusable squeeze pouches (I bought mine from Dollarama in Canada but you can get my faves from here on Amazon!

1-blender or food processor

1. Chop up your fruits into small pieces and toss them plus the yogurt into the blender or food processor. (For a thinner more liquid puree which is better for smaller babies add some more water, yogurt or a milk)

2. Pour the blender mix into your squeeze pouches.

3. Serve right away or store in the fridge for no more than 3 days. (These can be frozen also! Just thaw in a bowl of warm water when you are ready to use)

When you are travelling in the airport the frozen option is the best! Go to Starbucks and ask for a large cup of hot water to thaw after you go through security.

I know some of my gym friends love to eat these as a pre-workout or quick snack on the go so the macros are listed below as well 😃.

The flavor combos are endless! What kinds of DIY things do you do for your kiddos? Comment below.

See you on the flip side!


Potty Training Must Haves


Ok the time has finally come to legit start potty training the moo! She will begin next week so keep your fingers crossed for me! We are stocked up on #pullups and have our potty training must haves on the way! For those of you who have already gone through this please share some tips with me, like pull ups vs easy ups vs undies what worked best for you, taking the kid to the potty every 20 mins vs having them sit there and giving them something to drink while on it, there is so much to know my brain is exploding LOL?! Pray for us during this time of transition if you know the moo you know she will find a way to cause shenanigans for sure!

For the moms like me who are entering that time of toddlerhood check out the following items on amazon! You can use the promocode GETBKN10 on each item to save 10%!

Potty seat blue

Potty seat pink

Baby and kids step stool blue

Baby and kids step stool pink

and for those pesky nails that grow faster than the speed of light check out the Baby nail file

See you on the flip side.


Target Baby Sale aka Xmas in July


Mommas, Daddy’s , parents to be, aunts, uncles and anyone who buys baby stuff, Target is having their Baby sale (ends July 11th)! Now is the time to stock up on everything baby, diapers, wipes, bath stuff etc (clothes is the only thing excluded from the sale) spend $125 and get a free $20 gift card. Spend $200 get a $40 gift card. Buy two giant diaper packs of Pampers n Huggies n some other brands of diapers and get a free $15 gift card!!***you need to text SAVE20 & SAVE40 to 827438 to get the coupon to use in stores*** Sale ends Saturday July 11th. Sale is good in store and online. You will get more bang for ur buck in store since you can use target and manufacturer coupons there check out the links below to print yours out.



Happy shopping 👊.

Click here for Pampers manufacturer coupons you can use with this sale.

Click here for Huggies manufacturer coupons you can use with this sale.