DIY Izzy Squeeze Pouches!


Ok so all of these news reports with recalls of Apple sauce and baby food pouches have got me like 😷🤢😲! I don’t use the pouches a ton but the are great for when you are in the car or travelling through the airport. They are also super quick and easy to make yourself. If you are like me you want to know what is going into that belly of your little one. Here is my recupe for quick and easy Izzy Squeeze Pouches! 

Makes 3-4oz pouches

Here is what you will need:

1-banana medium

1-6oz yogurt any flavor I used Yoplai Strawberry

1-small yellow mango

3-reusable squeeze pouches (I bought mine from Dollarama in Canada but you can get my faves from here on Amazon!

1-blender or food processor

1. Chop up your fruits into small pieces and toss them plus the yogurt into the blender or food processor. (For a thinner more liquid puree which is better for smaller babies add some more water, yogurt or a milk)

2. Pour the blender mix into your squeeze pouches.

3. Serve right away or store in the fridge for no more than 3 days. (These can be frozen also! Just thaw in a bowl of warm water when you are ready to use)

When you are travelling in the airport the frozen option is the best! Go to Starbucks and ask for a large cup of hot water to thaw after you go through security.

I know some of my gym friends love to eat these as a pre-workout or quick snack on the go so the macros are listed below as well 😃.

The flavor combos are endless! What kinds of DIY things do you do for your kiddos? Comment below.

See you on the flip side!



Big box diapers $10 off ends today


RUNNNNNNNN to your local TRU  (toys r us) or BRU  (babies r us). Giant packs of diapers normally $42.99 are $10 off with this coupon 

which you can print or show on your phone but hurry because it expires after today 3/26. Since it’s a store coupon you can stack it with a manufacturer coupon to increase your savings, has a few printables for pampers and huggies. My Kroger store sent me a $5 off coupon so I used both plus a left over gift card to end up paying only $29.06 OOP for a 124 pack of diapers 😲! 

 The Moo is potty training so we have been using pull ups but I decided this weekend to try her in the Huggies Little Mover Slip On Diaper pants which pull  on and off like pull ups but absorb like diapers! Since she is tall but lean for her age the oull uos fit too big but these one’s come in diaper sizes so they fit her much better plus she loves that they have Mickey Mouse on them 😃. So far so good! I haven’t tried them at night yet so we will see how they hold up tonight. 

What kind of pull ups/diapers are/were your favorite while potty training your LO’s? See you on the flip side.


Potty Training Must Haves


Ok the time has finally come to legit start potty training the moo! She will begin next week so keep your fingers crossed for me! We are stocked up on #pullups and have our potty training must haves on the way! For those of you who have already gone through this please share some tips with me, like pull ups vs easy ups vs undies what worked best for you, taking the kid to the potty every 20 mins vs having them sit there and giving them something to drink while on it, there is so much to know my brain is exploding LOL?! Pray for us during this time of transition if you know the moo you know she will find a way to cause shenanigans for sure!

For the moms like me who are entering that time of toddlerhood check out the following items on amazon! You can use the promocode GETBKN10 on each item to save 10%!

Potty seat blue

Potty seat pink

Baby and kids step stool blue

Baby and kids step stool pink

and for those pesky nails that grow faster than the speed of light check out the Baby nail file

See you on the flip side.


This prep for me was hard


Let me clarify because I know some people will read this and think….”umm I saw you eating pizza and BBQ 2 weeks before your show”. When I say it was hard I don’t mean the food part per say I just mean it was more difficult for me than my last show prep. 2 years and a bit ago I hit the stage for the first time to compete in the bikini division of a fitness competition, just 8 months after having surgery on my esophagus. After taking the stage for the first time August 2014 I decided I would do an NPC show November of that year. Then BAM! October 2014 I found out I was pregnant so the November 2014 show was out of the question. Fast forward to June 2015. After having Marlee I knew I would work towards competing again. I wanted to show women that having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t also have a smoking body 🔥🔥🔥! Being a first time mom I had a bit of an adjustment period when I returned to work. My goal was to get my 👙bikini👙body back, but also to breastfeed until Marlee turned 1. Fitting in time for extra workouts outside my fulltime job and teaching 4 classes per week was difficult especially because since March Donald has been working in LA during the week so it is just Marlee, Foxy and I at home. While other competitors were at the gym on their lunch breaks pumping iron, I was in the change room at work pumping breast milk for my kid every 3 hours. Instead of adding in workouts during the day I forced myself to maximize the workouts I was doing while I taught. I increased my weights in BODYPUMP, I got MMA gloves  to wear during BODYCOMBAT (3oz may sound like nothing but I could physically see and feel the change to my shoulders). 

The breastfeeding worked in my favor allowing me to burn an extra 500 calories per day on top of what I normally burned. Fueling my body became different. In order to maintain a good #boobjuice supply I needed to make sure my diet contained a good amount of fats, protein and carbs and water! Another thing I learned quickly was there are little to no supplements you can take while breastfeeding. I could no longer enjoy my usual pre or post workout shakes, the BCAA’s that I would normally drink during my workouts were out of the question (it’s shocking how many labels say do not consume while pregnant or nursing). I found a protein powder that was acceptable at Costco but to be honest it tasted a lot like dirt so I had to make sure to eat my proteins instead of drinking it (which is hard because I still get full quickly, a symptom of having Achalasia).

My diet stayed pretty much the same from November until about June when I was finished with the breastfeeding. After Marlee’s 1st birthday I had successfully weaned her off (that’s a whole nother blog post) and was free to go back to my supps. I am a 🍩donut🍩 lover and was free to enjoy them on a regular basis until 2 weeks before my show when I switched up my macros. I lowered my fats and my carbs dropped from 300g per day to about 285g. I practiced posing with Nicole and Krista during quick breaks at work, with the help and feedback of Deidre and Jade 😘.

Fast forward to peak week. I began to cut my water down and took Expel (a diuretic to help pull water). The day of the show I woke up with a massive migraine which I believe to be a side effect of the Expel. Backstage I literally felt like there was a few times I was going to pass out. I would stand up and instantly break into a sweat which was crazy considering I didn’t have much water left in me to sweat out 😩! I continued to sip my water but nothing would help. Finally I decided to lay down on the cold floor and put my feet up which made a world of difference. It was nearing time to go on stage so I changed into my suit and was headed to go get a tan touch up (yes even black ppl gt competition spray tans). The tanning ppl were gone for the night….(how nice my tan was looking crazy and so was Nicole’s). 

It was time to pump up, as I was putting my shoes on Donald was calling my phone to tell me they were calling for me to get in line with my class and we were next up….wtf we weren’t supposed to go on for another 20-30mins 😱. I threw my shoes and jewlery on and got in line, there was no time to eat my second rice cake, no time to do my pump up routine of curls, rear delt fly’s, shoulder presses, lateral raises etc. So I did wall pushups until it was time to go out on stage. The class before us was on and about to get off when BAM…here comes an esophagus spasm (freaking Achalasia can’t let me just be great) I snagged a cup of water and put on my stage face and strutted out there! I got first call outs and was moved into the middle in my novice class so I was excited getting off stage. Since I competed in 2 classes when we got off stage after the Novice class it was time to get back in line for the open class…again no time to pump up no time for my rice cake 😩 my glutes were cramping my quads were shaky and my legs wanted to give out but I pushed thru it (this is the part you train for, this is the part that matters, this is the fun part!) This was a stacked class so when I got first call outs again I was excited but I didn’t get moved anywhere so  this made me nervous.

Saturday time for finals. We did our individual model walks and lined up to hear who placed. I took home 2nd place in the Bikini Novice D class (the classes are ordered by height so I was in the last class for both divisions #amazonwomen) and 3rd place in the Bikini Open E class. The feedback I got from the judges was to work on my front pose which is an easy fix! I was excited about my placing and I qualified for nationals which is awesome sauce. This show was a much bigger one than my first show waaaaay more competitors and better competition, lots of girls with muscle which was great 👌👌👌. I felt that I had a better physique this time around even though I had a baby just over one year ago. The girl who took first in my open class was a teenager (literally…she competed in the teen division earlier that night) her posing was great and she looked awesome and the girl who placed ahead of me in second had won her pro card at my first show and is an IFPA Bikini Pro, not sure if she had to give up her pro card to compete in NPC or not?….so I was pumped about placing 3rd! But you better believe that at my next show I’m coming for the 1st place crown 👑!

I am so blessed to have great friends who always show support and an amazing husband who will always do whatever it takes to help me be my best!

When Marlee grows up and looks at pics of my show I hope she is proud of what her mom did and I hope it teaches her that you can do anything if you put in the work!

Here are my progress pics from Nov 2015-July 16, 2016

See ya on the flip side.
Xoxo- Izzy

The story of Marlee Alexander 6/17/2015


Labor wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it to be, but the contractions tho…. another story. I started having contractions Wednesday morning June 17th at midnight I wasn’t sure if they were braxton hicks or real ones but they freaking hurt so I was hoping they were the real deal cuz if they were not then I couldn’t even imagine what I woulda been in for if they were Braxton Hicks. (I downloaded a contraction timing app) my Dr told me not to go to hospital until contractions are 5mins apart lasting for 1 mins and u have 12 an hour for 2 hours; so by 7am they were non stop and I told Donald it was time to go. We dropped Foxy off at my friend Rebecca’s apt down the street who graciously agreed to watch her while we were out having the baby (I love that chick!) and headed to hospital. At 8am we got to hospital Donald parked the car while I headed into the check in desk, and I told him to wait to bring the bag in in case they sent us home for a false alarm. I walked in told them what was up, the nurses took me to an exam room and Donald came back in. We waited in the room a couple minutes while I was dying in pain from contractions and then the nurse came in to check me. I was at 3-4cm dialated (I had only been 1 cm dilated and about 25% effaced the last 3 visits the 3 weeks prior at my OB appointments) and it was then my water broke on the table after she checked me. They moved me from OB triage to labor and delivery and the nurse asked me if I as doing an epidural I eagerly said yes and she said the would prep it but I told her I wanted to wait as long as possible for the “epi” so it doesnt slow down my labor (which it totally ended up doing…I probably could have had that baby in under 3 hours without it but I didn’t wanna feel that pain!). At about 8:40 I asked for some pain meds (if you know me well you already knew I was gonna ask for a menu of concoctions I could take for pain LOL) the nurse said sure but they will recheck me to see how far dilated I was since they will have to let my Dr know when they call in the meds. She rechecked me and 40 minutes after we had arrived at the hospital I was already at 6-7cm so I said OK let’s get the epidural (I was dying at that point the freaking contractions hurt so bad and just kept coming!!!!) Once I got the “epi” it was amazing I felt almost nothing was watching world cup soccer (go France go) taking selfies 10383956_10100133982600580_4925507488612841148_n, and texting! They checked me periodically and then at 2pm they rechecked me n it was time to push #itsgotime. Donald n the nurse held my legs up and out and the other nurse watched the monitor to tell me when a contraction was happening so I knew when to push (cuz u literally don’t feel anything…which again is AMAZING). I would breathe in crunch up hold my breathe n push for 10 seconds for 3 sets every few contractions. They told me first time moms usually push for 2-3 hours sometimes more but since I’m fit it would probably be on the lower end. I pushed for an hour n a half (got to watch the whole France vs. Mexico game). They could see the head told me to stop pushing. They called in the Dr. and I pushed another 2x n boom out she came. Donald cut the cord (which he would describe as a cable like texture).20150619_105953 I told them the only really thing I had as an adamant stipulation in my birth plan was I wanted them to wipe her down b4 they give her to me (I didn’t want walking dead style end trails all on me). They wiped her down and put her on my chest for skin to skin 20150617_155426while the Dr finished with what she had to do. I ended up with a few stitches (good times) and the Dr was all done. 11193226_10100134203452990_3074188758955629999_nThe nurse helped me with breastfeeding which was harder than I thought it would be. After an hour they got me up to go to the bathroom. My legs were still numb so nurse helped me walk (it legit felt like I was Bambi walking for the first time). About an hour and a half after she was born they moved us to the postpartum floor. The nurses come in every few hours to check on you there is a lactation consultant on staff to help u with breastfeeding. The baby stayed with us in our room unless we asked them to take her to the nursery. nlCdHKgoCcGUDy21ZZQqIZeSf0daugQYcB-WzBLfR-UShe’s been a pretty quiet baby. I went to the nursery and they gave her a bath. She has to eat like every 2-3hours. I noticed she was starting to get lazy tho falling asleep on the boob we were having to wake her up. They asked if I wanted to be discharged fast or stay as long as possible and I told them I’d rather go home sooner rather than later. U can’t leave till the baby is 24 hours old n they redo all the 24 hour tests. So that time came next day Donald went with her to do the tests. Him and the nurse (who was a freaking rockstar! we were so blessed to have her) came back and said we can’t go because her blood sugar was too low (which they normally don’t test for but she was super jittery so they did, and it’s a good thing!). The plan was to feed her and recheck it 2 hours later. 2 hours later came and it was even lower than the last test so we had to stay and get it sorted out! Finally it wasn’t getting better so they told me they were gonna have me breastfeed her then we would do 20ml of formula and then they had me pump and then feed her whatever I pumped out with a syringe. We did that every 2 hours and then they checked her and it got better. She had to have 3 good tests in a row so she could go home. Her next one was low again so we did a little more formula and she started to do a bit better. I had a breakdown and was crying cuz I just wanted her to be OK (which she was just fine) and Donald told me to calm down, that there were other babies in the nursery with a ton wrong with them getting treated and Marlee was just having low blood sugar, so that made me calm down (he always knows just what to say and when to say it). Our nurse came back said “OK if this next one goes well you guys can go if not you’ll have to stay another 48 hours and have to do some labs.” Praise Jesus the test came back the best one yet so Friday we headed home. app said bring an empty duffle bag to take home all of the free stuff so of course I did (#ifitsfreeitsforme) and boy oh boy did we get HOOKED UP! So we headed home! It has been an adjustment dealing with the lack of sleep but she is starting to sleep more and more through the night! We saw her pediatrician Dr. Nania at TLC Pediatrics in Ahwatukee the Monday after we came home and Marlee was already just 1 oz away from her birth weight (#gains) we had a follow up appt to recheck her weight 4 days later and she was up 2 oz from her birth weight. Our little girl loves to eat and she is not shy! She tells us when she needs/wants something :). Having a baby has been one of the craziest adventures we have had so far but we are so blessed to have this beautiful little angel!! I am glad I stayed active throughout my whole pregnancy and that my Achalasia never was an issue. I gained only 30lbs which pretty much fell right off after I had her, and I am looking forward to getting back to the gym (#izzytakesthestagepart2).
Humungous shout out to the staff at Banner Desert Medical Center! Every single person we came into contact with from the time we walked in to the time we walked out was amazing! The nurses that delivered my baby and the nurses on the postpartum floor were absolute rockstars th1 and we were blessed to have dealt with each and everyone of them 🙂 BUT of course we have our favorites th! If you are gonna have a baby I highly suggest delivering there! Huge rooms, awesome service, and bomb food (#IIFYM)!

See ya on the flip side xoxo



See ya on the flip side xoxo

Target Baby Sale aka Xmas in July


Mommas, Daddy’s , parents to be, aunts, uncles and anyone who buys baby stuff, Target is having their Baby sale (ends July 11th)! Now is the time to stock up on everything baby, diapers, wipes, bath stuff etc (clothes is the only thing excluded from the sale) spend $125 and get a free $20 gift card. Spend $200 get a $40 gift card. Buy two giant diaper packs of Pampers n Huggies n some other brands of diapers and get a free $15 gift card!!***you need to text SAVE20 & SAVE40 to 827438 to get the coupon to use in stores*** Sale ends Saturday July 11th. Sale is good in store and online. You will get more bang for ur buck in store since you can use target and manufacturer coupons there check out the links below to print yours out.



Happy shopping 👊.

Click here for Pampers manufacturer coupons you can use with this sale.

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